Water On The Move, the UK's leading Wholesale Bottled Water Supplier

Water on the Move specialise in the supply of wholesale bottled water, mineral water and spring water.  Pallets of bottled water can be supplied directly to your festival or event.  Bulk supplies of 500ml and 300ml wholesale bottled water can be delivered with 24 hours notice to anywhere in England.  We can supply pallets of 2 litre bottles within 4 hours if your need is very urgent!  Our H2GO brand of bottled water is proving immensely popular and our business customers come back to us year after year because they know they can trust us to get the bottled water supplies to them wherever and whenever they need it.

Due to our relationship with Water Direct, we supply bottled water products which conform to the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2010, as amended. This is the standard to which drinking water must comply when supplied to you by your water utility company. Most bottles of water available on the market today only comply with the Bottled Water regulations, which assure the quality of water at time of production but not delivery.

Please see the Water Direct website for information on our Emergency Bottled Water Supply Services.

Request a Quote for Bottled Water or email your requirements to bottledwater@water-direct.co.uk

Wholesale Bottled Water

wholesale bottled waterOur range of wholesale bottled water products are available in various sizes and can be rapidly delivered in bulk.

Very popular as an emergency bottled water supply, providing quality drinking water.

Wholesale Bottled Water Products

H2GO Bottled Water

h2go bottled water suppliesH2go 500ml is also much in demand for marathon and triathlon events and festivals. 

Our customer service is second to none and include our 24/7 out of hours support service throughout your event

H2GO Bottled Water Products

Bottled Water for Welfare

bottled water for welfare

H2go bottled water is an increasingly popular form of hydration for staff working in locations where there is  no access to drinking water.

Adequate hydration is a critical factor in all field staff welfare .

Bottled Water for Welfare